Summer Specials

There is nothing like Sweden in the Summer time with the endless light and its stunning nature

If you ask someone who has visited Stockholm the first word they would probably use to describe it is “beautiful” and that it surely is!

Why not combine downtown Stockholm with its pulse and big range of attractions - with one night hotelstay in the archipelago? Only a few hours by boat and you can stay at a hotel among islands and skerries and just enjoy the splendour that you will not find anywhere else

If you are planning a visit to Gothenburg - you will not get disappointed.
The Swedish west coast and its archiepelago is as beautiful and splendid as the eastcoasts.

Luleå is an ideal city in Sweden to visit even in the summer time with its fantastic light, nature and a lots of fun activities to do.

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West Coast/Photo Göran Assner                                    

Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo:Olof Holdar/SVB

Midnight Sun in Luleå

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